Our vision is to assist the health care professional educate and relieve anxiety and stress for patients undergoing various treatment regimes.  We believe that a patient that has a thorough understanding of their disease, along with clear expectations of their treatment, will ultimately have  a more positive experience throughout the entire treatment process.

Our system is designed to completely educate the patient on their specific type of disease, describe how the treatment process works, explain the possible side effects and their mitigation, as well as discuss nutrition and follow up care.  Utilizing web-based or stand alone touch screen technology, rich graphics, video clips and calming voice over, the information is professionally presented and easily understood. The program is user friendly and totally interactive, allowing the patient to absorb the information at their own pace and comfort level.  In addition, the option exists to allow a staff member to easily customize the program content for individual patients, should the need arise. This further maximizes the education process for both the patient and caregiver.

Envision understands that the approach to patient treatment is ever changing. New discoveries, techniques and procedures are put into practice continuously. Our programs are totally scalable for effortless content upgrades and changes. The information always stays up to date and current, eliminating any of the  shelf life issues of other programs.

Finally, our patient education programs are not cookie cutter applications. Each of our programs are completely customized to reflect the hospital's image, enhance brand continuity and project proprietary information.

Patient education is our passion. Our goal, through the auspicious use of technology, is to assist the health care provider while creating a better quality of life for patients and their families.

We will be unveiling a new website very soon detailing our patient education programs. In the meantime, please give us a call. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how an Envision patient education system can become an extremely valuable asset to your hospital or clinic.